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Buying Property Tips#1: Choose the Right Location
Before you choose a location, it is of utmost importance that you consider the development prospect of the area. Other factors to consider here is crime record of the area, availability and nearness of public facilities and utilities.
Buying Property Tips#2: Study the Local Market Dynamics
It is important to get well familiar with the local realty market. Learn the variation in property prices by street. Don’t shy away from asking a few realty investment agents questions to get better insight on the matter.

Navi Mumbai is one of the well-known destinations along the western coast of Maharashtra. It is considered amongst the largest planned cities in the world and all credit goes to builders in Navi Mumbai, for their impressive contribution in the realty zone.

Realty developer's help in creating a bridge between the customer requirements and the builder's creations. They take the greatest risk in the renovation or creation of the realty sector and hence receive good rewards for the same. Builders strive hard and analyze the customer needs to absorb international trends and hence deliver the quality projects, which are based on their experience. They provide value in terms of location, functionality, cost and design.

Most of the big names in realty market are interested in developing big complexes with well-furnished homes for dwelling. Commercial locations with numerous Retail Shops and IT Parks are mostly preferred by these big names for building up residential properties.

The most influential developers go beyond this role. They are visionaries who carefully analyze locations to determine which buildings and complexes are needed where. ;Navi Mumbai, an ancient city in India, was less attractive and least recognized for the procuring a home or investing in realty zone. But soon its incredible development potential was caught by the eyes of leading builders of India and hence attracted them for developing creative landmarks in this city.

The urban planning of the area is attracting more and more developers to buy a land and develop numerous exclusive projects on this land, to attract numerous investors as well the end users.

The city has resolved the issue of congestion and over population in the most demanded location like Mumbai. Many factors have contributed to this tremendous growth of Navi Mumbai, which includes uninterrupted electricity and water supply, best social and physical infrastructures, immaculate connectivity etc.

Witnessing a great increase in property prices, Navi Mumbai has won over Mumbai, which has witnessed around 75 to 80 percent average property price appreciation. Tagged as the satellite township, it has become the magnet in both the sectors i.e. residential as well as commercial. Some of the developments include, SEZ's, shopping malls, IT and business parks and many other residential towers with modern lifestyle. Apart from this, it has shown a good rise in industrial realty sector as well. The commutation and transport of the area shines among the surrounding locality. It has good transit system to various locations of Mumbai and other cities as well.

The city also has many accessibilities like schools, hospitals, banks, malls etc. at a very short distance from the residential complexes, that attract lot of property buyers and investors because the locality with good and short distance accessibilities is the prime concern for a person before he/she buys a property.

Due to the modern lifestyle and urbanized culture, the city is now in demand for the urban complexes. Therefore, numerous reputed and eminent developers are building several residential properties which will take care of the end users housing needs. Meeting this demand, developers are also concentrating on the price factor and hence are creating affordable properties that are easy at the investors as well as the end users pocket.

Buying Property Tips#3: Choose the Right Property
Getting the right property right away is quite unlikely. First, you need to be clear on why you want to buy an investment property. After that, you will be able to make right decision based on factors like remoteness or accessibility of the property.
Buying Property Tips#4: Do the Math Properly
Get a precise idea on the value of assets you have available. If you are investing in rental property, make sure you can easily cover the mortgage payment through rents. Additionally, get a clear idea on the appraisal value of the property beforehand.
Buying Property Tips#5: Consider Additional Expenses
When purchasing an investment property, it is not only the selling price that investors need to consider. There are various additional expenses such as property tax, home owner’s insurance, repair & maintenance that must be considered.

These efforts of the developers have gained lot of importance by creating exclusive landmarks for the property investors and buyers with suitable income group.

Along with the affordable properties the developers at Navi Mumbai serve the residents with amenities that lead to better lifestyle. They have their keen focus on creating properties that very well satisfies the principles of integrated township. They have created their landmarks at well-emerged nodes of Navi Mumbai that includes, Vashi, Neral, Kharghar, Panvel, Ulwe, Belapur etc. Purchasing or investing rate in the properties at these nodes are considerably higher and is increasing with each day, when compared to other emerged locations because these nodes provide affordable properties.

Some of the builders in Navi Mumbai who have a huge contribution to the growth of the city are listed below

Marathon Realty

Established in the year of 1922, the group has achieved a lot in the sector. It planned its first development on around 500 acres of land in Mulund, in 1969 the group came up with many residential, commercial, retail and industrial developments in Mumbai. The group succeeds in serving around 5000 families, 350 office spaces and 400 retailers. Marathon Group has completed and delivered around more than 80 projects. They aim at providing its customers a quality residential property with best amenities.

Paradise Group has achieved lot of fame with its long and fruitful journey in market. The motive of the group is to provide residency with a decent and aesthetically pleasing space for its end users and help them to enjoy a holistic lifestyle with all top class amenities and features. The group has completed around 100 projects in Navi Mumbai successfully.

Being one of the well-known builders, Proviso Group has achieved great standards in the industry. The group is known to deliver quality projects, by providing the details about the project in an open manner to its customers and end users. Proviso Group always comes up with latest technologies in its every new project. The group always tries hard to serve beyond the expectations of its customers and it is very well successful in this motive.

With its Inception 1989, Lakhani Builders have their remarkable footprints in Ulwe, Khopoli, Lonavala, Pune and Mumbai. With the aim of customer satisfaction, Lakhani Builders have built up and delivered more then 60 residential and commercial projects. The group aims at creating projects that based on trust and good relationships with an excellent construction quality.

Several other residential projects in the city by well known builders include Green Woods at Kharghar, Kalpataru Water Front, Landmark Riverside in Panvel, etc.

With these exclusive residential projects by corresponding developers, the city is still coming up with many other commercial, retail, residential and industrial developments by the top listed builders.

At their finest, developers are tycoons who try to find out the different opportunities and drive it to market, which in turn leads to the growth of our communities and nation.

Before you go out for purchasing a property you should know well about the reputation and previous projects of the developer and also the quality of realty products delivered by the builder of that property.

The above mentioned builders in Navi Mumbai stand are reputed and are known for their true performance in the industry and can be highly relied on for their top quality residential projects integrated with world class amenities for living a standard and grandeur lifestyle.

Buying Property Tips#6: Inspect the Property
To ensure that you are getting everything you are paying for, a thorough inspection of the property is essential. Besides ensuring that you are not overpaying, a rigorous property inspection also gives you a good estimation on what the additional expenses might be.
Buying Property Tips#7: Pick the Right Financing Option
While interests on investment property loans are tax free, some borrowing costs aren’t immediately tax deductible. Knowing that, and structuring your financing in accordance is crucial. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from a financial advisor.
Buying Property Tips#8: Invest through Equity
One of the best ways to purchase an investment property is to leverage the equity of another property (including your primary home). This is a preferable way among regular investors, especially due to added tax deduction advantages.
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